Astraco  (Thailand) Ltd.



Astraco is working along with Haifa who is a pioneering company in the development and marketing of responsible plant nutrients. We specialize in fertilizers for Teaspoon Feeding - precision applications for optimal nutrition. Our advanced products are designed for delivery by the most efficient application methods: Nutrigation (fertigation), foliar feeding and controlled-release fertilization. Teaspoon Feeding applications take care of plant requirements and grower's benefits. They also consider the environment, encoraging thrifty use of fertilizer materials and leaving the soil free of residues.
Based on Haifa's global marketing operations and profound international agronomical experience, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of individual growers throughout the world. A dedicated team of professional agronomists and marketing staff supports our customers at all levels of supply and usage chain.
The products that we sell are as following;
1. Multi-Cal Agri
2. Multi-SOP
3. Multi-UP
4. VitaPhos-K




Astraco (Thailand) Ltd.
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